Friday, January 2, 2015

Long time, no post

It has been a crazy bunch of months. We are on Christmas break so we have gotten to spend two weeks together. Here is a quick update on each of us:

Charley: He loves school. He's only been in trouble twice but he is catching on so fast. He's reading and writing and getting all artsy. After breakfast time, he enjoys running laps around the house. Even when it's freezing out, he runs.

Izyk: He's counting down the days until he gets to join Charley at school. He's doing great while Charley is at school. He's also learning to read as Charley is doing it. 

In this picture, he face planted into the stairs and busted his lip open. He just stood on the stairs while blood dripped down on the floor.

Myles: He is talking so much more. He loves the word "no" and "why." He loves to help me cook. You can't chase him out of the kitchen. 

Calon: Of all the boys, the one kid I would have never guessed to be our first ER child....

He fell on the tile but it didn't break open and bleed until a couple hours later. At that point, I thought he had just smeared pizza sauce all over his seat. His hair was soaked, his shirt was soaked, blood was pooling in his high chair. 4 staples later. He was a good sport though. He freaked out when he got his hair cut. I don't blame him, the last time someone touches his head, they were were stapling it closed. This kid is such a character and he's so loud.

Sutton: He is getting huge. It makes me so sad. He talks so much. He actually rolled over on his own today. He's 5 months old. Poor thing got whatever virus Charley brought home but he got over it quicker than anyone else. He was so miserable. He slept a lot which I think helped his recovery.

Christmas was fantastic. Boys got a bunch of outdoor toys. They had a lot of fun. Our tree didn't get as decorated as it had been in previous years because it was down in the play room and they loved destroying it sooooooo next year it will have a new location and lots of decorations.
New Years was relaxing. Ryan and I stayed up late with some wine, junk food, card games, and a Gilmore Girls marathon. Haha! 
And now...picture overload!

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